About Roots

wheatThere are many benefits to Roots Charter High School: 
One of the major and obvious benefits is the smaller school size. "Smaller schools may be especially important for disadvantaged students by more individualized attention and teachers being able to address different learning styles. Also, smaller schools may promote substantially improved achievement and higher graduation rates (Howley, et al., 2000).

What makes Roots unique is its hand-on, authentic and relevant learning experience offered at Roots.  Many students leave school because they feel the "learning" is irrelevant to their lives. Roots focus is authentic/ relevant learning. According to American Association of School Administrators "Relevant learning is interdisciplinary and contextual. It requires students to apply core knowledge, concepts or skills to solve real-world problems." Roots provides real world context to the knowledge the students receive through a farm.

Another major benefit is Roots Consequence Centered Framework. Everything at Roots is centered on this framework, teaching kids that they "Reap what they sow". Roots feels that is important to put the control of individuals lives back into their hands and help them to understand that they are a steward to everything in their lives and community.