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ACT Prep Online Resource
Shmoop is a great online resource for ACT prep. This resource is now free to students!
To sign-up for an account:
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Search Paradigm in the alphabetized school picker
Step 3: Click "Create Student Account"
Step 4: Enter magic word: ARCHES (all caps)
Instead of paying for costly ACT test prep, visit LearningExpress Library,
provided at no cost to students from Utah Public Libraries and UtahFutures!
There are two ways to access this high-quality material. UtahFutures or Utah’s Online Library.
A.    Using UtahFutures
1.       Visit UtahFutures,
2.       Create or sign in to your free UtahFutures account to use the LearningExpress Library.
3.       Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “LearningExpress Library” link. (This link is also found under “Additional Resources” along the top of the page.)
4.       Click “Begin” and scroll using the arrows to the “College Preparation Center” and click on it.
5.       Click on “Prepare for your ACT Test.” This will take you to the tutorials/ tests/ eBooks that are available to help students prepare for the ACT test.

 B.  Using Utah’s Online Library
1.       Visit Utah’s Online Library,
2.       Click the LearningExpress Library link in the first column under “General Reference Collection".
3.       You will need to create an account to use LearningExpress Library. Use the Register button that is either at the top right of the screen or the bottom right.
4.       Once you have created the account, hover over the All Centers link in the menu bar at the top.
5.       Click on “College Preparation Center.”
6.       Click on “Prepare for Your ACT Test.” This will take you to the tutorials/tests/eBooks that are available to help students prepare for the ACT test.

* Check with Becky Stephens, our school guidance counselor, if you would like help signing up for a UtahFutures account.
In addition to test prep, LearningExpress Library has a variety of other resources available, including:
• Adult Learning Center
• College Center
• College Preparation Center
• Career Center
• High School Equivalency Center
• School Center
• Popular Software Skills Center
• eBooks
• Math Skills
• Reading Skills
• Grammar and Writing Skills
• Science Skills
• Tutorials
• Resources in Spanish and more!