Buckley Barratt- Health P.E.

Buckley Barrattt

Buckley Barratt is an adult male human being.  He is bald and he has a beard.  He is an adventurer, an educator, and a family man.  Buckley's greatest moments in life are spent with his beautiful wife and three amazing children.  He has been teaching middle school and high school students for the past eight years, mostly teaching Physical Education and Health classes.  Buckley's favorite part of the teaching process is getting to know his students and trying to learn as much from them as they learn from him.  Buckley loves nature.  He feels at home in the woods, or swimming in a lake, or floating down a river.  Buckley is very excited about the opportunity to share his love of nature and farming with the students at Roots.  Buckley is also the proud owner of an above ground swimming pool!