Consequence Centered Framework

Choice is the first pillar of the Consequence Centered Framework. All choices have consequences. Learning to make choices is an important skill that we all must learn to take full advantage of the opportunities life has to offer. Choice leads to Action.

Action is the second pillar. Actions are the “sowing” that we do each day. Our action, or inaction, will determine and shape all that we reap or harvest throughout our life. All actions take energy, leading to the third pillar.

Energy is all around us; it is the consumable power that permeates everything. Energy is expendable and understanding the value and the consumption of it is essential to our lives. Our energy is consumed as we grow and develop our connections to our surroundings.

Connection is the fourth pillar. We are connected to everything that surrounds us: our environment our peers and our bodies. Through learning about these connections and learning to develop them, we become whole and form an understanding of how our consequential dynamic affects our world.

An essential and empowering part of a students’ education is understanding how to control and develop these four pillars: Choice, action, energy and connection.