A farm in the city is an ideal context for studying connections. A farm demonstrates the most basic relationship humans have to the land. Students experience the cycles of nature and discover the rewards of hard work and collaboration. They care for plants and animals that, in turn, provide their nourishment. They are involved in matters of life, birth, and death. They are responsible for the well- being of fellow creatures and develop motivation and responsibility through this relationship.

Outside Children with ADHD or ADD showed significantly reduced symptoms following after-school or weekend activities in green outdoor settings (natural areas such as parks, farms, or a green backyard) compared to activities in other settings, including built outdoor settings (parking lots, downtown areas) or indoor settings.

Facilities are important in creating and maintaining a culture of learning and growing. Roots High School has opted for an open facility with little to no hallway space forcing the kids outside, if just for a moment between classes.

* Debra Levey Larson "Walk in the Park Improves ADHD"