Kallie McMillan – English

“Adopt the pace of Nature; her secret is patience” - Emerson. Like nature, Literature can be daunting, but with patience, as stated by Emerson, one can find extreme beauty and satisfaction in it. As one of Roots English teachers, Kallie is passionate about teaching her students just that. Kallie received her Bachelors of English Literature from UNLV. Her favorite class in college was Medieval Lit.  When Kallie isn’t nerding out on books written hundreds of years ago, she enjoys getting lost in the mountains. The mountains are not just for hiking to Kallie. It is a paradise where she is looking for the treasure, which comes in the form of big antlered animals and fat fish. Kallie wouldn’t be where she is now without the incredible people that surround her and her goofy bird dog, Coda.