Roots Summer Program

During the Summer Program, Roots will employ twenty-five to thirty youth to help run a three-acre farm, located in WVC. This program will be called Roots Youth Employment Program (RYEP). They will grow flowers and mixed vegetables for market and for Root Charter High School’s CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture Program). Youth will apply for positions, including four Roots Peer Crew Leader (PCL) positions working directly with the new RYEP summer crew and two farm assistants who will work directly with our Farm Manager. The pillars of the school (Choice, Action, Energy and Connection) are integrated into all aspects of RYEP work.

RYEP will include leadership seminars and employment training.  RYEP will also have available tutoring to catch students up in all core subjects.  RYEP will go from April until October. While school is in session participating students will receive leadership training and employment skill training as well as help maintain the school grounds. During summer break the students will help manage and deliver CSA shares, maintain school grounds and tend the animals and Gardens.